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Tolgy Wood COVID – 19 Fundraiser


  • $10,760 Total Raised of $21,000 51.2% 51.2%

Like most other event venues, the winter is already a slow time for Tolgy Wood: Chesterfield Camp, and this year our spring revenue is even lower (So far it has been zero!) due to the event restrictions surrounding COVID-19, yet the bills still need to be paid.

The 240-acre camp property was known as Chesterfield Scout Reservation from 1937 until 2018 when we purchased it from the Boy Scouts. We have made great improvements over the last 2 years – some of them still in progress but halted for lack of funds, so we have decided to launch our very first fundraiser. Please consider donating to help us through this unprecedented time. We understand that many people are also hurting financially right now, but if you have the means to help, your support would mean the world to us.

Our goal has been set at the minimum we need to keep the camp afloat for the next few months in the absence of other revenue and any funds we raise beyond that will be put toward completing the critical renovations to one of Tolgy Wood’s shower houses. We are also offering rewards at certain donation amounts!

All donors, whether or not they reach a reward threshold, will have the option of having their names appear on an official Tolgy Wood Donor page that we will be adding to! The rewards offered for this fundraiser are detailed below. 

Our Fundraiser ends may 10th, so if you would like a hat or a t-shirt, please make sure to donate before then!

Thank you for supporting an amazing property that has brought so many people enjoyment, education, and memories for over 80 years!

A Quick Look at the Donation Rewards
$50 – Tolgy Wood: Chesterfield Camp Hat or T-Shirt
$100 – Both the Hat and the T-Shirt
$250 – Name a bench in the Tolgy Wood Amphitheater (Limit of 60 Rewards)
$2,500 – Private LARP Event for You and Nine of your Friends (Limit of 1 Reward remaining)
$17,000 – Name the Tolgy Wood Health Lodge (Limit of 1 Reward)


Donation Rewards!

$50-Tolgy Wood Mesh Hat

For every $50 you donate, assuming you are not donating for a higher-level reward, you may choose either a Tolgy Wood hat or t-shirt. After your donation we will send you an email with your reward options. We plan to place the hat order at the beginning of May, so please make your donation by may 10, 2020. (The picture above does not represent the final product. The Tolgy Wood image logo will be embroidered.)

$50- Tolgy Wood Tee Shirt

For every $50 you donate, you may choose either a Tolgy Wood t-shirt or hat. After your donation we will send you an email with your reward options, including shirt size(s). (Sizes range from Small to 3XL.) We plan to place the t-shirt order at the beginning of May, so please make your donation by may 10, 2020.

$250- Amphitheater Bench Dedication

Have a bench in our scenic amphitheater named after you (and one other person if you so choose) in perpetuity. After your donation, we will send you an email with your options. You may choose your bench from any of the 4 rows of 15 benches and we will attach an engraved name placard to it. This reward also comes with one Tolgy Wood t-shirt or hat (your choice) if your donation is made before April 30, 2020.

$2,500 Private LARP


For a donation of $2,500, we will host a Live-Action Role-Playing event at Tolgy Wood that will be designed specifically for you and up to 9 of your friends. We will work with you to plan the event for a weekend (or possibly mid-week if that somehow works better) when the camp is available. You will also have many story settings and themes from which to choose. Most, if not all, of the event will be written by Paul Dabkowski, owner of Magestry LARP, but the setting need not be the World of Magesta.

There is only one of these rewards remaining, and we will update this text as the fundraiser proceeds, so please check here before donating to make sure there is at least one reward still available. (Each of your 10 participants will also receive a Tolgy Wood t-shirt or hat as long as your donation is made before April 30, 2020.)

$17,000 Health Lodge Dedication

(Yes, we understand this is far-fetched.) We were going to save our cabin-naming rewards for our future crowd-funding projects for making major building improvements, but amidst a pandemic seems the perfect time to offer the reward of the right to name, in perpetuity, the camp’s Health Lodge. The money from this exceedingly generous donation will go toward needed renovation of the Health Lodge and, of course, a placard with your name(s) to be mounted onto the building. (This reward will also come with 2 Tolgy Wood t-shirts and 2 Tolgy Wood hats.)

Our Donors!

Thank you all!


Anonymous Donor


Dakota Gillette

Dave Deluca


Antonio Laudati

Casey Czyrklis

Charles Beggs

Chris Nolan

Eric Arthen

The Haskins Family

Mark Dey

Marcus Higuchi

Michael Coffey

Patrick Sheridan

Shawn Robbins

Sheryl Robbins

Stephanie Lindquist

Anonymous Donor

Anonymous Donor


Shane F.

Whitney Sternberg


Allison Kunze


Dee & Leo Talbot

Jullie Pudem Scanlon

Kira Richard

Michael Kinnally

Nathan Carr

Nicholas Donoghue

Paige Kamal

Jeff Pennachio

Jessica Henry-Cross

Turtle Tetreault

Victoria Richnavsky


Nancy Doucette

Zac Keith Scott


Aimee King


Michael Lavery


Alisa & Johnny LeBlanc

Allan & Marilee Dabkowski

Blessing Locusts

Brian Dabkowski & Stacey Rosenberg

Bryan DeJoseph

Dennis & Marianne Jacobs

The Doucette Family

Haku & Aneurin

Jim & Kristen

Karen Hobbes

Kyle Church

Moonz & Tonz 3

Tal Good

Tyler Redzko

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Jessica Dey

Dave Kopchick


Charles Davis

Kenny & Shannon Rocci


Zachary Smith & Laura Button